Pressure Mounts on SEC to set standards for “Environmental, Social, Governance” corporate disclosures and fund investment styles:

What Can We Expect?

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  1. Issuers should directly provide material information to the market relating to ESG issues used by investors to make investment and voting decisions (as opposed to third-party commercial firms now filling in this gap by developing information from questionnaires answered by issuers and publishing ratings reports that they sell to investors, advisers and managers).
  2. Requiring material ESG disclosure will level the playing field among issuers
  3. Flow of capital to the US markets and US issuers of all sizes will be ensured.
  4. The US should take the lead on disclosure of material ESG matters.

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Partner at Practus, LLP, a law firm. Rick advises clients on issues at the intersection of business strategy, law and political economy.

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